Quality Philosophy

G.S Precision’s commitment to quality drives all decisions within the organization. Our primary objective and responsibility is to ensure that we meet or exceed the requirements of our Customers. There is never a situation when “close enough” is “good enough.”

At each of our facilities, our Quality team supports all manufacturing processes to help make sure that quality is built in on the shop floor. Our Quality and Engineering teams work together to validate and maintain process capabilities. We have the resources to accommodate the unique requirements of development and product launch programs for our Customers with extensive experience in preparing process validation documents.

We have made significant investments in technology and skill development including numerous Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and non-contact Optical Measuring devices. Our final inspection team ensures that, prior to shipment, all products are compliant to Customer requirements and meet our own standards for workmanship. We have OEM self-release approvals from most of our Customers.