G.S. Precision Donates Over 600 Turkeys and Hams to All Employees and Community Food

If we can measure it….we can make it!

Thursday, 18 November, 2021: G.S. Precision (GSP) headquartered in Brattleboro, VT, has established an annual tradition by donating one Turkey or Ham to every one of its employees this holiday season and donated just under 100 of the same to local area food banks both Keene and Brattleboro.

This has been a tradition here at GS Precision for quite some time explained Jerry Dubie – Facilities Manager at GSP, “…I have been here 13 years and this is nothing new…” The distribution which took place at the Main plant in Brattleboro, VT worked as well as manufacturing their high precision parts and assemblies. Employees cycled through by department and lined up to receive their Thanksgiving goodies.

GSP covers the entire cost of the initiative and employees were all smiles proceeding through the line. Jose Diego-Silva, working in Quality for the past five years and now the Continuous Improvement cell, commented “….yes it’s great they (GSP) have been doing this ever since I have been here.”

G.S. Precisions puts on display the first table full of turkeys and hams to be donated to all of its employees in Brattleboro and Keene locations number 500+

G.S. Precisions Chris Woodworth, Michelle Wilkins and David Tirrell unload turkeys and hams for all employees in total over 500+

G.S. Precisions has delivered a truck load of turkeys and hams for all its employees 500+ and for local area food banks this holiday

G.S. Precision is a global leader in the manufacture of critical components for the Aerospace & Defense Industries. We are a team of over 600 dedicated people in facilities totaling230,000 square feet in five integrated locations. We leverage our 60+ years of experience along with investments in the latest technologies to engineer processes that yield consistent and competitive results with superior quality.